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Welcome To My Blog

30 November 2020

Hey, I’m Remy and welcome back to my YouTube cha—just kidding.

Welcome to my blog.

With this first post, I hope to warn you that I plan on sharing mainly professional articles here about Web Development, Software Development, Tech Education and other technology-related topics. It’s a warning because these topics may not relate to everyone who browses my page, but I’m hoping you read them anyway and choose to supercharge your business or hustle by leveraging my expertise.

I first began my journey with code back in 2008 when I realized that I was absolutely sick of writing long essays for hours on end in Community College. Once I graduated I picked up a book about HTML and CSS and “fell in love with code” like all the Tech Influencers on Twitter say five times a week. I got my first job out of school as a Web Designer for a small Real Estate Company in Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia, and since moving on from there, I’ve built websites for a number of clients over the years and collaborated with graphic designers to make some cool stuff.

I have also run a satirical blog for a four-year period, managing a small team of writers, the website, the brand, its SEO on top of writing and publishing multiple articles a week.

My ultimate desire is to become a fulltime Software Engineer. As of this writing, I am currently in my second year of a Computer Science BSc degree program with the University of London, running a Web Development business and soon to launch a Web Hosting service soon as well. All while holding down my day job, which I will not share, as I think I’ve overshared enough here…

(No I haven’t, here’s some Specializations I’ve earned)
Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science
Data Science
IT Support
Full Stack Web Development

(Here’s some standalone Courses I’ve completed too)
Search Engine Optimization
Structured Query Language (SQL)
Building Web Applications In PHP
Building Database Applications In PHP

I’m still working on getting my portfolio up. Next blog post I’ll actually be helpful instead of tooting my own horn the entire time.

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